• What to Do If You Have Bed Bugs

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    If you have discovered that you have bed bugs in Columbia , you must contact an experienced, professional pest management company as soon as possible. Bed bug infestations can quickly spread throughout a house or building, and bed bug bites will cause uncomfortable red welts and severe itching. Here is some advice about what you can do if you have a bed bug infestation.

    Contact a Professional Pest Management Expert

    While you can begin killing bed bugs yourself, you’ll need the services of a professional pest management company to completely eliminate the infestation. Pest management experts have extensive knowledge and training in bed bug biology, behavior, and the insecticide and extermination techniques necessary for effective bed bug treatment. The insecticides that are commercially available are not particularly effective on bed bugs. They may kill some of the bed bugs, but are more likely to simply encourage the bugs to spread to other parts of your home.

    Don’t Change Where You Sleep

    If you begin sleeping in a different part of your home, the bed bugs will migrate to you and spread further throughout your home. Bed bugs are able to quickly and easily find human hosts to feed upon, and will even leave your home with you via your clothing or bedding. The more your bed bug infestation spreads, the more difficult it will be to eliminate the bed bugs. Bed bugs can also survive for more than a year without a host to feed on, so if you don’t hire a professional pest control service, you run the risk that you won’t be able to find and eradicate every last bug, and your infestation will continue indefinitely.

    Don’t Immediately Dispose of Items

    The majority of your belongings will have to be disinfected or disposed of after your bed bug treatment. You shouldn’t dispose of items prior to bed bug treatment, however, as you will spread the bugs throughout your home or building. You also can pass the problem along to someone else if he comes into contact with your infested belongings.

  • A Look at Hitchhiking Bedbugs

    Because bed bugs can travel so quickly and are often very hard to detect, bed bug infestations are impossible to eliminate without the help of a professional, experienced exterminator near Catonsville. Your exterminator will prevent the spread of bed bugs, and use a powerful bed bug treatment to ensure complete eradication. You should contact a pest management company as soon as possible to prevent bed bugs from spreading further throughout your home or building.

    Watch this video for a look at how bed bugs travel from place to place. Bed bug expert Dr. Jim Fredericks discusses why bed bugs are so hard to control and exterminate.

  • Dealing with a Squirrel Infestation

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    Dealing with a Squirrel Infestation

    While squirrels might be very cute, a squirrel infestation can be dangerous to your health and safety. You should never attempt wildlife removal yourself, but instead you should contact an experienced a squirrel animal control company near Ellicott City as soon as possible. Here are some other great tips for dealing with a squirrel infestation in your home.

    Determine How the Squirrels Are Entering the Structure

    Whether squirrels have invaded your home, your garage, or your storage shed, you must determine their source of entry into the structure. You should look for cracks, holes, gaps, and other openings and quickly repair them. You should also cover up any vents or crawlspace entryways with screen or sturdy cloth to prevent squirrels from entering. If you have a chimney, install a chimney cap to keep squirrels from entering via the chimney, or becoming stuck inside of it.

    Contact a Wildlife Removal Expert

    Once you have eliminated the squirrels’ entry and exit points, you should contact an experienced, qualified wildlife removal expert. Your pest control expert will recommend the best methods of squirrel animal control that are available for your particular situation. He may use one-way door cages to trap squirrels. After a squirrel is trapped, your wildlife removal expert must follow the state and local wildlife laws and regulations regarding how to handle the trapped squirrel. He may be required to relocate the squirrel or kill the squirrel.

    Prevent Future Infestations

    Your wildlife removal expert can give you advice on how to effectively prevent future squirrel infestations. You can modify the environment around the squirrels’ original entry point to make it harder for squirrels to access it. This may include trimming trees, eliminating clutter, and repairing holes and cracks. You can use squirrel repellant to discourage squirrels from entering your yard. You can also install devices meant to frighten squirrels and other pests away, such as faux birds, strobe lights, ultrasonic noisemakers, and radios. These devices are not often effective means of pest control for long, however.

  • How to Control a Rodent Problem [INFOGRAPHIC]

    No one likes when uninvited guests show up—especially when those guests are pests like mice, rats, and other rodents. Rodents often seek shelter in colder months, and your home could be their next stop. Signs of a rodent infestation include droppings around your house, greasy marks along the walls, and chewed wires or cardboard. If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, it’s best to call professional pest control services in Columbia to handle the problem. Rodent infestations can be a health hazard, and require the proper skills and experience to clean them up safely. Removing food sources and blocking any potential entrances to your home can help keep rodent problems at bay in the future. Check out this infographic to learn more about controlling mice, rats, and other rodents, and what you can do. Please share with your friends, family, and neighbors.

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