• Answers to Your Questions About Bed Bugs

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    If you have concerns about bed bugs in Ellicot City , you should hire a reputable pest control company to check your home for an infestation. Incidences of bed bugs have been on the increase in the United States over the past few years. Here are a few important answers to common questions about bed bugs that you should know.

    Where Are Bed Bugs Found?

    Bed bug infestations can occur in a number of different types of buildings throughout the United States. Bed bugs are not restricted to domestic dwellings—these insects have also been found in hospitals, stores, schools, colleges, movie theaters, offices, and on buses and trains. Even some high-end hotels have harbored bed bugs. A bed bug infestation is not necessarily a sign of poor hygiene or health and safety standards, as many times they are found in cleaner environments.

    What Happens If I Have Bed Bugs?

    Bed bugs feed on human blood. Their bites cause painful itchy welts which can bleed and become infected. If you have been bitten, try to avoid excessive scratching. Bed bugs are not known to be vectors of disease.

    How Can I Prevent Bed Bugs?

    Make sure you monitor your home and other surroundings for bed bugs, particularly after you return from a vacation or business trip. Check your suitcases and clothes for the presence of the insects. If you notice any signs of bed bugs in your home, contact a pest control company immediately. Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate. The adult insects can survive for several months without food. They can live in cushions, behind baseboards and picture frames, inside electrical sockets, and in many other nooks and crannies of your home. They can survive under a wide range of weather conditions and temperatures. If you have an infestation of bed bugs, it’s important to contact a professional for help.

  • Bed Bug Control from All Star Pest Management

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    Bed bugs are small insects that can spread quickly through a home, infesting bed linen, carpets, mattresses, rugs, and couches. If you are suffering from an infestation of bed bugs in Columbia , you should hire a professional pest extermination service. Bed bugs are small and can therefore be difficult to detect. Since they reproduce quickly and can travel fast, a small initial colony can quickly grow, if left unchecked. Bed bugs feed on human blood. They can cause painful bites. If you have noticed that you are suffering from skin irritations or notice small bloodstains on your sheets or pillow in the morning, you may have bed bugs.

    Here at All Star Pest Management, our experienced staff are experts at combating bed bugs. We use the most up-to-date, safe, and sanitary treatments to help you eliminate bed bugs from your home for good.

  • Spring Home Pest Proofing

    If you are concerned about pest control in Howard County near Columbia , watch this video. The presenter emphasizes the importance of protecting your home against insects, rodents, and other pests. The video offers some important suggestions as to how to pest proof your home.

    The video suggests first assessing the situation around your home. Check for places where water could pool, such as old tires. Look for rotten tree stumps, mud holes, and other potential pest habitats situated less than 15 meters from your home’s foundations. Seal up any holes on the outside of your home, including entrances for utilities and piping. Make sure that you do not have any stagnant water in your house or yard. Check birdbaths, swimming pool covers, and other places where water might accumulate. Make sure your basement and attic are free from damp and have sufficient ventilation.

  • Protecting Yourself from Bed Bugs

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    An infestation of bed bugs near Columbia can turn into a devastating problem without the help of an experienced exterminator. While you can’t perform effective bed bug treatment without a pest management company, you can take some steps to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home or business. Here are some great tips from exterminators for protecting yourself from bed bugs.

    Keep Your Home or Business Free from Clutter

    Bed bug infestations can happen even in the cleanest homes and businesses. It is much harder to recognize the early warning signs of a bed bug infestation in cluttered, messy environments, however, as there are more places for bed bugs to hide. It is also harder for an exterminator to provide bed bug treatments in a home or business that is full of clutter. You can reduce your risk of a dangerous and costly bed bug infestation by keeping all areas tidy and free of clutter. It will also be much easier to control and eliminate a bed bug infestation when the bugs have fewer places to hide.

    Avoid Activities and Places that Increase Your Risk of Bed Bugs

    The best way to prevent a bed bug infestation is to avoid visiting areas that are already infested. Bed bugs are incredibly hardy, and can easily travel on clothing and belongings. Do not bring home furniture or other items that you find by the side of the road. When possible, don’t buy second-hand clothing, bedding, or furniture, unless it’s from a reputable source. If you do suspect that you have come into contact with bed bugs, you should immediately hire an exterminator that has extensive experience in bed bug inspections and exterminations.

    Take Care When Traveling

    When traveling, you should make sure to investigate hotels, hostels, and other lodging to ensure that they do not have bed bug infestations. You can inspect your lodging for bed bugs before unpacking to reduce your risk of infestation. You should also inspect your luggage, clothing, and other belongings for bed bugs before leaving an environment that may have bed bugs.