• Treating a Yellow Jacket Sting

    While pest control and extermination near Catonsville can help keep your home safe and clean, you can’t always avoid bee stings while gardening or working outdoors. If you have a yellow jacket problem on your property , the proper use of insecticides may provide pest management for the situation. Watch this video to learn how to treat a yellow jacket sting.

    If you have a stinger left behind in your skin after being stung by a yellow jacket, it’s important not to try to remove it using tweezers or your fingertips, as this may cause the attached venom sac to rupture. Instead, use something with a thin-edged surface, such as a credit card or your driver’s license, to scrape the area and remove the stinger. Once you’ve taken out the stinger, disinfect the area and apply ice for 10 to 15 minutes to reduce any pain or swelling.

  • Essential Mosquito Prevention Tips

    Mosquito bites can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. If you’re looking for mosquito control near Howard County, there are a few simple steps that you can take to help prevent mosquito bites:

    • Wear appropriate clothing. Opt for light-colored clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible, as well as closed-toe shoes. Using insect repellent can also help keep these biters at bay.
    • Avoid being outdoors during peak exposure times. Mosquitoes can bite you at any hour, but are more active from dusk until dawn.
    • Use mosquito nets when camping and picnicking.

    One of the most effective ways to keep mosquitos from biting you while you’re outdoors is to use pest management practices that will keep their population around your home under control:

    • Remove empty containers. Inspect your property for any places where water can collect, and dispose of or cover them if possible.
    • Mow your lawn. Mosquitoes often shelter in tall blades of grass during the day, and keeping your lawn short can help make your property less appealing.
    • Use professional pest control. If mosquitoes are a consistent problem around your home, you may benefit from professional mosquito control services.

  • A Look at the Process of Removing Groundhogs

    If you’ve noticed damage to your garden or tunnels around your home, you may need pest control serving Ellicott City to remove groundhogs or other pests . Groundhogs are burrowing mammals that can cause trouble for your property if not removed.

    Understanding Groundhogs

    Also referred to as woodchucks, groundhogs are rodents that are closely related to squirrels. Because of their habit of digging holes and feeding on crops, groundhogs are typically classified as a pest species. They sometimes take up residence in burrows near a home’s exterior or beneath a deck. They can reach 8 to 10 pounds in adulthood, and female groundhogs give birth in the spring to a single litter of 2 to 9 young. Groundhogs can live in a wide variety of environments, and can be found all over North America. These rodents build elaborate homes that can range from 2 to 20 meters in overall length. Their burrows often feature multiple exits and separate chambers for hibernating and defecating.

    Recognizing Groundhogs

    While their tunnels can be impressive, they are often a headache for homeowners. When stepped on, they can cause injuries for people and pets, and if beneath a deck or house, they can cause problems for the structure’s foundation. Additionally, groundhogs are agricultural pests that enjoy feeding on crops and gardens. You can recognize a groundhog infestation by their large mounds and burrows, as well as the damage that they do to plants in the warmer months. You might also identify their distinctive communication sounds that can include barks, whistles, clicks, and squeals.

    Removing Groundhogs

    Before attempting to deal with your groundhog problem, check your local wildlife removal laws. You can discourage groundhogs from entering your gardens or yards using fencing at least 3 feet high. Disrupting their burrows and removing their sources of food may also reduce their activity on your property. Ultimately, the most effective way to deal with an unwanted groundhog around your home is to catch it with a baited trap and remove it from the area. Many animal control and pest management companies offer groundhog removal services.

  • Getting the Facts About European Hornets

    Have you spotted hornets around your home and are wondering if you need pest control services in Columbia? A type of insect frequently seen by pest management companies is the European hornet. Take a closer look at this pest:

    Description of European Hornets

    Also called giant hornets, adult European hornet workers are about 25mm long and are yellow and brown in color. Queens can become as large as 35mm in length. These insects typically build their nests in cavities such as a hollow trees or holes in walls, and at least 6 feet from the ground. The workers frequently forage at night and can cause damage to shrubs and trees while gathering materials for nest building.

    Life Cycle of European Hornets

    Each fall, European hornet males seek out and mate with fertile females. The male and worker hornets die off by winter, but the fertilized females, who will be next year’s queens, hide during the cold weather and will later resurface in the spring. The queens establish nests to lay their eggs in after emerging from hibernation. By the fall, a nest can contain hundreds of hornets, and can reach a maximum of around 1,000 workers.

    Dealing with European Hornets

    The biggest indicator of a European hornet infestation around your home is if you spot the large worker insects buzzing around the area. The workers are often active at night. Watch for them in the evening so you can monitor their movement and track down the location of their nest. These hornets often build their nests in spots that are difficult to reach, and they are likely to defend it aggressively if it’s threatened. If you’ve found a nest inside of a wall, do not attempt to plug it; the hornets may chew through another area of the wall and can potentially create an entry into your home. If you’ve spotted a hornet nest on your property, it’s advisable to call a pest control company to deal with its extermination and removal.