• Do You Have Bed Bugs?

    Bed bugs are found in all 50 states, and can be in any type of home in any neighborhood. If you have bed bugs in Columbia , you need professional pest control to eradicate these notoriously stubborn pests. Watch this video to learn the signs that you might have bed bugs.

    Bed bugs are small pests, about the size and color of apple seeds. They leave their shells behind, which can often be found in the creases of your mattress. Remove your sheets to look for these shells, as well as any other signs including blood marks or eggs. To get rid of bed bugs, you need a professional exterminator, as they are very good at hiding and many DIY bed bug treatments are completely ineffective.

  • Tips for Preventing a Bed Bug Problem

    If you suspect that you have bed bugs near Catonsville , you should contact a pest management company as soon as possible. It is almost impossible to eliminate bed bugs yourself, but pest control companies utilize professional, safe, and effective bed bug treatments that are very powerful. The most common way that bed bugs enter people’s homes is by being carried or tracked in via luggage, second hand clothing or furniture, or on the clothing of people who were recently in an environment infested with bed bugs.

    One of the best ways to prevent a bed bug problem is to be very vigilant about what you bring into your home. You should not bring in furniture, bedding, or clothing that you found out on the street or in trashcans. If you buy secondhand clothing, furniture, bedding, draperies, bags, or luggage, you should inspect it carefully outside of your home before bringing it inside. Larger items like suitcases or mattresses may need to be professionally inspected or cleaned by a pest control expert.

    When you come home from a vacation, put your suitcase and other belongings in plastic bags and inspect them carefully before bringing them in. You can put clothing and bedding in the dryer on high heat to try to kill bed bugs and eggs.

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  • Tips for Keeping Rats Out of Your House

    If you suspect that you have a mouse or rat problem in your home, you should contact an animal control expert or exterminator in Howard County as soon as possible. Rodents can cause serious damage to your home’s wiring, foundation, insulation, furniture, and other structures. They can also spread disease and cause and contribute to serious illnesses. To prevent a rodent infestation in your home, talk to a pest control or rodent control expert in your area for tips.

    Watch this video to learn more about keeping rats out of your house. An experienced exterminator demonstrates the best tactics to use to prevent rats from entering your home, and how to make your home less attractive to rodents in general. If you notice any signs of a rodent infestation, do not attempt rodent control on your own. Instead, contact a professional pest management company and hire an experienced exterminator.

  • Protecting Your Home from Mice

    Mice infestations can be devastatingly destructive to your home, which is why it is so important to invest in effective pest management and rodent control in Ellicott City . Your pest control expert can perform regular inspections for signs of mice, and can also provide safe, effective rodent control services. Here are some great ways that you can protect your home from a mouse infestation.

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    Seal up entry points in the interior and exterior of your home.

    Mice can enter your home through even the smallest hole or crack. The first thing that any pest control expert will tell you to do to prevent a mouse infestation is to seal up any possible entry points. This includes repairing damaged screens on doors or windows, and installing door sweeps on exterior doors. You can also use mesh screen or plaster to cover up holes and cracks around the outside of your home. You should also replace any worn weather stripping or loose mortar around doors, windows, and your home’s foundation.

    Keep your kitchen clean and organized.

    Another important element of mouse prevention is keeping your kitchen clean and organized. Do not leave food or crumbs out on countertops, and keep dry food sealed inside plastic containers in your cupboards. Take out your garbage regularly, and store garbage cans at least 20 feet from your home. If you notice signs that mice have chewed through boxes or bags of food in your kitchen, or notice mouse droppings anywhere, you should contact an exterminator immediately. The longer that you wait, the more complex your rodent control efforts will need to be to protect your home.

    Minimize clutter in basements, attics, and crawlspaces.

    Mice utilize a variety of materials to build nests. If you have a lot of clutter in your basement, attic, or crawlspaces, you are giving mice plenty of shelter and hiding spaces, as well as material for their nests. Make sure to clean out clutter in your house on a regular basis, and inspect your insulation, upholstery, cardboard storage boxes, linens, furniture, and wiring for signs that mice have been chewing on them. Further, you should keep these areas of your home well-ventilated and dry.