• Possible Complications Caused by Bed Bug Bites

    Bed bugs are among the most dreaded insects that can invade any home. When your home experiences a bed bug infestation, there is a high likelihood that you and your family members will start to develop itchy, red bites during the nighttime hours. If bites from bed bugs are driving you crazy, you will want to hire an exterminator that treats bed bugs in Ellicott City. Your bed bug extermination professional will be able to use proven methods to fully wipe out the bed bug colony in your home. To highlight the importance of professional bed bug removal, here is an overview of some of the possible complications that can be caused by bed bug bites.

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    Itchy Welts

    Itchy welts are among the most common reactions to bed bug bites. While you may not feel itchy when you are first exposed to bed bug bites, your reaction may become stronger over time. After repeated bed bug bites, many people find that they are increasingly sensitive. Eventually, even the smallest bites may immediately develop into large, itchy marks.

    Skin Infections

    Once you have been bitten by a bed bug, you may start to notice that your skin is unbearably itchy. Repeated scratching of an itchy spot can lead to skin breakage and infections. If the infection is not treated properly, it can develop into a potentially life threatening situation. Rather than itching your bed bug bites excessively, you will want to treat them using special lotions and salves.

    Allergic Reactions

    While allergic reactions to bed bug bites are fairly uncommon, certain individuals may have very strong symptoms to bites on their skin. If you are allergic to a bed bug bite, you may start to notice that your breathing is slow or strained. Additionally, a bed bug bite allergy could result in a rapidly increasing heart rate. To help avoid some of the serious complications that can arise from bed bug exposure, it is a great idea to hire an experienced extermination company.

  • Do You Have Bed Bugs?

    Bed bugs are found in all 50 states, and can be in any type of home in any neighborhood. If you have bed bugs in Columbia , you need professional pest control to eradicate these notoriously stubborn pests. Watch this video to learn the signs that you might have bed bugs.

    Bed bugs are small pests, about the size and color of apple seeds. They leave their shells behind, which can often be found in the creases of your mattress. Remove your sheets to look for these shells, as well as any other signs including blood marks or eggs. To get rid of bed bugs, you need a professional exterminator, as they are very good at hiding and many DIY bed bug treatments are completely ineffective.

  • What You Can Do to Keep Wildlife Outside

    While squirrels, raccoons, and other forms of wildlife are important parts of the natural ecosystem, these familiar creatures are unwelcome guests when they attempt to come indoors. To protect the safety of wildlife and prevent damage to your property, you will need to take preventative pest control methods to keep wild animals outside. In order to protect your home from a wildlife invasion, you will want to make sure that your roof and attic are properly maintained. Open attic vents or damaged roofing can create the perfect entry points for unwanted animals. A company offering pest management near Columbia can help you seal up cracks and holes around your house.

    When you find a furry visitor inside your house, it is important to schedule professional wild animal removal . An animal control technician will know how to safely trap, handle, and release the wild creature. If you have questions about wildlife prevention around your home, be sure to contact a pest control company in your area.

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  • Answering Common Questions About Squirrel Infestations

    While squirrels may seem like cute, furry creatures, these animals can cause significant damage to your home if they decide to nest indoors. If you are worried about wildlife in your home, do not wait to contact a pest management company that offers animal control near Columbia. A wildlife removal expert will be able to identify the nesting area of your squirrel population and remove the animals using safe and humane methods. Since squirrels are less likely than rats or mice to invade a home, you may have questions about your squirrel problem. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about squirrel infestations.

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    What Are the Signs of a Squirrel Infestation?

    There are several signs to watch out for when you are concerned about a squirrel infestation on your property. When squirrels nest in your attic, you may spot these furry critters along your roof or power lines. You may also hear rustling or running sounds coming from your attic space. Small droppings could also indicate a squirrel problem in your home.

    Why Should I Be Concerned About a Squirrel Infestation?

    A squirrel infestation is a serious cause of concern for any homeowner. There are several reasons why you will want to hire an exterminator to eliminate your squirrel problem. Like other forms of wild life, squirrels can carry diseases that are harmful to humans. A colony of squirrels can also gnaw through the wood in your home and create significant property damage.

    How Can I Treat a Squirrel Infestation?

    After you have identified a squirrel infestation on your property, you will have several treatment options. A licensed exterminator can eliminate your squirrel infestation using eviction and exclusion methods. After the squirrels are humanely caged, they will be released back into the wild. To prevent the squirrels from returning, your technician will carefully seal off the entry points around your home. With no access points, the squirrels will be forced to nest elsewhere.

  • Getting the Facts About European Hornets

    Have you spotted hornets around your home and are wondering if you need pest control services in Columbia? A type of insect frequently seen by pest management companies is the European hornet. Take a closer look at this pest:

    Description of European Hornets

    Also called giant hornets, adult European hornet workers are about 25mm long and are yellow and brown in color. Queens can become as large as 35mm in length. These insects typically build their nests in cavities such as a hollow trees or holes in walls, and at least 6 feet from the ground. The workers frequently forage at night and can cause damage to shrubs and trees while gathering materials for nest building.

    Life Cycle of European Hornets

    Each fall, European hornet males seek out and mate with fertile females. The male and worker hornets die off by winter, but the fertilized females, who will be next year’s queens, hide during the cold weather and will later resurface in the spring. The queens establish nests to lay their eggs in after emerging from hibernation. By the fall, a nest can contain hundreds of hornets, and can reach a maximum of around 1,000 workers.

    Dealing with European Hornets

    The biggest indicator of a European hornet infestation around your home is if you spot the large worker insects buzzing around the area. The workers are often active at night. Watch for them in the evening so you can monitor their movement and track down the location of their nest. These hornets often build their nests in spots that are difficult to reach, and they are likely to defend it aggressively if it’s threatened. If you’ve found a nest inside of a wall, do not attempt to plug it; the hornets may chew through another area of the wall and can potentially create an entry into your home. If you’ve spotted a hornet nest on your property, it’s advisable to call a pest control company to deal with its extermination and removal.