Safe Pest Control Product Labels to Protect Baltimore and Surrounding Area

As a pest control team that believes in integrated and preventative pest management, we prefer to use nonchemical solutions first as a less-invasive, more planet-friendly way to keep your home safe. If we do need to use stronger products, we do so only as a last resort and with your full permission, applying products as sparingly as possible to strategic areas to eliminate the pest infestation. We believe it’s our responsibility to keep you and your household safe, which includes not only providing protection from pests and removing harmful bugs or animals, but also using methods safe for your children or pets. That’s why our customers leave great reviews and recommend us to family and friends. After all, we treat every property in Baltimore and the surrounding areas with the care and health considerations we would use for our own homes.

Choosing safe products

We want to be transparent with our clients to earn your trust. After all, if we need to use any kind of chemical agents on your property, everyone at All Star Pest Management Inc. fully believes you have a right to know what we will use, or to request a certain product with which you feel most comfortable. It’s your home and your family at stake in a battle with a pest infestation.

To defend your home, we strongly caution against attempting to fix the problem alone. Many common household pesticides can actually contain hazardous chemicals that affect your family as well as the pests. The over-the-counter solution may be in a solid form (powders or granules), a liquid, or an aerosol spray, but all three types can be highly toxic to consume, breathe, or even touch. Instead, we always recommend you use the services of an integrated pest management (IPM) team, because experts like us have the training and knowledge to try and remove animals or bugs without using these common hazardous solutions.

Pest control products

If you’ve heard of one of these brands, please feel free to request it or ask us whether it’s a good choice for your home. If you aren’t sure what to use or aren’t familiar with any of these products, that’s OK; after all, it’s our job to be the pest control experts who can explain our products and make recommendations. We like to share our list of trusted brands with you in advance so that you can feel comfortable looking up information about the products if you’d like, or recognizing the names you trust for safe pest removal.

Feel free to look up any of these products or call our team directly to schedule a free estimate and discuss safe pest removal strategies on your property.

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