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All Star Pest Management in Howard County, MD

If It Walks, Flies, or Crawls, We’ll Handle It!

The Team to Call for Pest Control in Baltimore, MD

Helping Homeowners Rid Their Homes of Unwanted Guests

Unfortunately, no home is immune to infestations by pests. Whether it’s insects, rodents, or other wildlife pests, any infestation has the potential to wreak havoc on your home. Luckily, All Star Pest Management has a team of pest control experts in Baltimore, MD, to help remove any unwanted guests in your home. We utilize conservative conventional pest control practices that have proven effective at eradicating even the most stubborn pests. By thoroughly examining your home, we’ll be able to find the point of entry so that we can stop the infestation at its source. Next, we’ll use safe and effective tactics to remove the pests which have already made it inside your residence. Schedule your inspection today.

How and Why Do Pests Enter Your Home?

Maryland is home to a wide variety of pests, including both wildlife and insects. No matter how secure your home, it’s still at risk for invasions by all of these pests. Insects and wildlife are experts at finding weak points in your home’s exterior where they can make their way inside. Once in, they burrow deep, often staying out of sight for a long time before you finally notice them. Pests may decide to invade your home in search of food, a new home to nest, or due to the changing weather and seasons. You can ensure your home is thoroughly protected with the help of All Star Pest Management’s pest and wildlife control. We will complete thorough extermination services, ridding your home of pesky insects or intrusive wildlife.

Customized Treatment Plans for Your Home or Business

We understand that every property will face its own unique challenges when it comes to pest control. That’s why our team develops personalized solutions to suit the needs of your home or business. The goal of our professional pest management team is to achieve a pest and nuisance-free property for every client. Our comprehensive service begins with a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior of your home. We have a team of well-trained and experienced technicians who will be able to spot even the smallest signs of an infestation right away. This phase is the most important when it comes to developing a customized solution, as it provides all the information we need to know about the type of pest and severity of the infestation. We can then assess the actions required to eliminate any current or future problems. Our team can complete all of the following services:

Pest Control
Wildlife Removal
Exclusion Work

Find Relief from Unwanted Pests and Wildlife

When you discover unwanted pests at your home or business, you want them out as quickly as possible. No one wants to live in a house with insects, and you can’t risk any customers seeing bugs at your business. All Star Pest Management is here to take control of the situation, providing prompt and effective pest removal services. We understand that every client’s concerns are unique, which is why we work with you to develop a pest management plan that works for you. We’ll be able to find the culprit behind your chewed cable cords or the nest in your attic. Once we determine the problem, we’ll work to correct it, giving you advice on how to seal entry points and completely ousting the pests who’ve made a home inside your structure. We can handle infestations by all of the following pests and wildlife:


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A Proud Member of the Baltimore, MD Community

As a family-owned and -operated, independent business, All Star Pest Management has been proudly serving Baltimore, MD for more than ten years. We arrive at your property fully prepared to investigate and confront the pest issues you are facing. Our team respects the property of every client, treating their home or business as if it was their own, and creating as little disruption as possible. No matter what type of infestation you are dealing with, All Star Pest Management is the team for the job. Count on us to take care of all your pest and wildlife problems.

Make an Appointment Today

If you’re ready to say so long to your unwanted house guests, all you have to do is call our team and schedule an appointment. During this initial appointment, you will receive a free estimate for the cost of any required extermination services. Every technician is authorized to schedule any needed recurring treatments and give you a quote for a final price while on the site. Customers need only be present for the first appointment.