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We Can Protect Your Home Against Termites

Termites are an ever-present risk to homeowners and business owners throughout Baltimore, MD and the surrounding area. But All Star Pest Management can help minimize their threat and keep your property safe. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Baltimore, Howard, and Montgomery Counties. Our team has extensive experience in the pest control industry, and we will keep your home free of infestations. All Star Pest Management customizes every termite control project to ensure exceptional results. If you notice or suspect termite problems at your home or office, let us know. Our experts will complete a thorough termite inspection to evaluate your circumstances before taking swift action if necessary. To help you better understand termites, we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions below, but feel free to call us with any of your own.

Exterminator in work wear spraying pesticide

What Are Termites?

Termites are insects that live in colonies and feed on dead plant material and cellulose. Throughout the country, you will find three main types of termites. Your home in Baltimore could be vulnerable to any of the three. Subterranean, dry wood, and damp wood termites are all potentially harmful to your home, but they are distinguished by their dietary and location preferences, among other characteristics:

  • Subterranean termites – These pests must be near the ground or a secondary moisture source to survive. They typically swarm during the spring or summer, most often after heavy rain. Subterranean termites are generally small and black during their swarming phase.
  • Dry wood termites – If you notice termites in areas without a secondary moisture source, they are almost certainly dry wood termites, which can live their entire lives within a structural timber or piece of furniture. These pests like to swarm at night and are usually larger than their subterranean counterparts.
  • Damp wood termites – There are several species of damp wood termites, all of which are much larger than subterranean termites. They have large heads and are attracted to water-damaged wood.

What Type of Damage Can Termites Cause?

Every year, termites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damages across the U.S. More than 4 million homes in the country are at risk of infestation annually, so it is important to be vigilant about termite prevention at your Baltimore-area home or office. To make matters worse, termites usually go undetected until they have already infested your property. Because they primarily feast on wood, termites can cause considerable structural damages, putting your safety at risk. Termites can damage your foundation, walls, doorways, flooring, and various other home features before you are even aware of their presence.

Are There Any Obvious Signs of Termite Infestations?

While the untrained eye may be slow to notice a termite infestation, there are signs there if you know how to spot them. All Star Pest Management can even help. We will come to your property for a complete diagnostic evaluation upon your request, but be sure to let us know if you see any of the following signs of a termite infestation:

  • Localized swarms of winged insects in your building or the soil surrounding your foundation
  • Bubbling or cracked paint
  • Mud tubes beneath flooring, around baseboards, behind siding, and near your home’s perimeter
  • Hollow-sounding wood in your walls, baseboards, and windowsills
  • Discarded wings from flying swarmers

How Can I Prevent Termites?

The best way to address termites is by preventing them rather than removing them. You will save yourself considerable time and money by investing in a termite prevention program. All Star Pest Management offers various prevention methods to keep termites at bay, but we also have several suggestions to reduce your chances of an infestation altogether. It is essential to eliminate moisture problems such as leaking pipes and faucets or standing water on the roofs. Without moisture, even dry wood termites will be unable to survive. Another helpful measure is removing any food sources, including firewood, stumps, and debris. Finally, check your decks and beams for damage, which could serve as an entryway for termites that want to establish a colony.

What Does a Termite Inspection Encompass?

During a termite inspection, your pest control expert from All Star Pest Management will thoroughly evaluate your home and property for any signs of termites. Our team has years of experience locating and identifying termites, so we can spot even the slightest indication you may have an infestation or be at risk. Early identification of a termite infestation is critical to the swift removal of the pests and ensuring your home’s structure is not irreparably compromised. We recommend receiving such a service at least once per year, though it is prudent to get a termite inspection more frequently as your commercial or residential property ages.

Contact Us for Termite Control Today

Though termites are most prevalent during warm, wet seasons, they can infest your home or business at any time throughout the year. But All Star Pest Management will be ready to address your problem at a moment’s notice. We encourage regular termite inspections, but they will not always prevent your home from an infestation. If that happens, enlist our comprehensive termite control services. We proudly serve customers in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding area, so contact us today.

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