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Bee colonies are responsible for a large portion of plant pollination across the world and, as such, are a crucial component of the ecosystem. However, a bee colony near your home or business can pose a serious safety threat to family members, clients, and other individuals on your property. If you’ve found that a bees colonized your trees, it’s time to call a pest control team to come and remove them quickly and humanely. Here at All Star Pest Management, we offer comprehensive bee removal services for homes and business across Columbia, MD. Learn more about bees below, and call our team at (410) 772-0204 today!

Types of Bees

There are two primary types of bees that can cause problems for property owners in Maryland: honey bees and bumble bees. Learn about the difference between these two bee species below.

Honey Bees

Honey bees are what most of us imagine of when we think of bees. While the most common honey bee species is the Western honey bee, there are actually seven different species and 44 different subspecies of honey bee. Identifiable by striped markings, orange coloring, and fuzzy bodies, honey bees do our environment a great service by pollinating plants and making honey. However, having a honey bee colony a little too close to home can be not-so-sweet for people on your property — especially those with allergies. If you are noticing large concentrations of honey bees around your property, this may be a sign of a colony nearby.

Bumble Bees

Bumble bees are larger cousins of honey bees, and are identifiable by black and yellow coloring, large and furry bodies, and noticeably loud buzzing. Like honey bees, bumble bees feed off nectar and help pollinate plants. They also form colonies, though in smaller numbers than their honey-making cousins. A bumble bee colony on your property can mean trouble for children and those with allergies, and should be humanely removed as quickly as possible.

Bee Removal and Control at All Star Pest Management

Here at All Star Pest Management, we understand the value of bees to our environment and ecosystem as a whole. We also understand that very few homeowners and business owners want beehives on their properties. That’s why we practice safe and humane bee colony removal for bee infestations in Columbia, MD and beyond. Not only do we make sure that your bee colony is completely removed from your property — we also safely transport it to a new location where it can thrive without harming nearby human residents. Contact our team today learn more about our humane bee removal services.

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