A Guide to Wasps — From Columbia MD’s Premier Pest Control Experts

Carnivorous, aggressive, and equipped to sting multiple times, wasps are one of the worst types of insects to have nesting on your property. Though they are beneficial to the ecosystem, most wasp colonies nested near human property end up causing more harm than good and should be taken care of by pest professional as quickly as possible. At All Star Pest Management, we offer comprehensive wasp control services for homes and businesses across Columbia, MD. Read on to learn more about wasps, and contact our wasp control professionals at (410) 772-0204 today!

What are Wasps?

Due to their size and coloring, wasps are often confused with bees. Wasps are insects that belong to the family Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita and are neither bees nor ants. Like bees, some wasps serve pollination roles in the ecosystem, while others are predators (unlike bees). Like most bees and ants, the two most common types of wasps in Maryland, yellow-jackets and hornets, are eusocial, meaning they live together in a nest with an egg-laying queen and non-reproducing workers. Read more about these two wasp species below.


The yellow-jacket is the species of wasp that is most commonly mistaken for a bee. However, yellow jackets are skinnier and shinier than bees, and are also carnivorous. Yellow jackets often build their nest in areas close to the ground or underground, though they may also nest in trees or roofs. Yellow jackets do not produce or store honey, and, unlike bees, they can sting multiple times without dying.


Hornets are the largest type of eusocial wasp and are known to nest near human development. The hornet species most common in Maryland, the large yellow-and-chestnut-colored European hornet, has been known to eat both bees and wasps. Two other large yellow-jacket species commonly called hornets are the bald-faced hornet and aerial yellow-jacket, both of which produce grey-white paper nests in trees, shrubs, or the eaves of houses.

Wasp Prevention Tips

If you’ve experienced the sting or bite of a wasp, chances are you don’t want a whole hive nesting near your home or business. Here are few prevention tips you can use to keep your property wasp-free.

  • Fill in holes and cracks in your yard to prevent ground nesting
  • Treat timber with anti-wasps chemicals
  • Illuminate high-risk nesting areas with permanent low-wattage light
  • If you see a small nest (smaller than a tennis ball), quickly knock it down

Professional Wasp Extermination at All Star Pest Management

Matured wasp nests can harbor several hundred wasps and should not be removed without the assistance of a professional. Our pest control team at All Star Pest Management offers comprehensive wasp removal services for homes and businesses in Columbia, MD and the surrounding region. Keep those on your property safe and sting-free with our highly-effective anti-wasp services. Call our team at (410) 772-0204 to learn more today!

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