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What Are Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are flying insects that are relatively common and can be found throughout the world, primarily near water sources. This is because female mosquitos lay their eggs within shallow or stagnant water such as marshes, lakes, ponds, pools, birdbaths, and more. There are over 3,500 types of mosquitoes throughout the world, and not all of them bite. The ones that do are considered vectors, while the ones that do not are called nuisance mosquitoes. Vectors are animals and insects that spread germs to people or other animals.

A Mosquito.

Why Do Some Mosquitoes Bite But Not Others?

Female mosquitos are the only ones that bite – they do so to extract blood to produce eggs. Only after a female mosquito has consumed a blood meal can she then produce her eggs. The protein from one blood meal will allow a female mosquito to create anywhere from 30 to 300 eggs at one time. To produce another set of eggs, the female will need to extract blood from a source again. Male mosquitoes do not feed on blood – they feed on flower nectar – and therefore do not need to bite.

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

While a mosquito can bite anyone, certain factors can attract mosquitos. Female mosquitoes often use exhaled carbon dioxide, body odors, body temperature, and other factors to determine their victims. Awareness of these various factors can help reduce your risk of being bitten by a mosquito. Mosquitoes are often attracted to the following:

  • Dark-colored clothing
  • Wearing perfume
  • Blood type
  • Body odor
  • Carbon dioxide
  • High body temperature
  • Stagnant water

How To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Several steps can be taken to help prevent mosquito bites. If you are going to an area where mosquitoes are present, we suggest you follow the steps listed below. Mosquitoes can carry and spread dangerous diseases. Steps to preventing mosquito bites include:

  • Use mosquito repellent
  • Don’t travel to an infected area
  • Wear long sleeves and pants
  • Wear light-colored clothing
  • Avoid peak mosquito time (dawn and dusk)
  • Eliminate any standing water
  • Keep mosquitoes out of your home
  • Utilize screens over windows and doors
  • Treat clothing and tents with chemicals that repel mosquitoes
  • Sleep under protective netting

How To Prevent or Minimize Mosquito Infestations

If you’re wondering how best to prevent or minimize mosquito infestations on your property, the professionals at All Star Pest Management can help. Because mosquitoes breed and lay their eggs in shallow or stagnant water, it’s a good idea to make sure there are no sources of such nearby. Below, we’ve listed some actions that property owners can take to prevent or minimize mosquito infestations:


  • Dispose of any tires
  • Clean out gutters
  • Clean our pet water bowls daily
  • Repair any leaking outdoor faucet
  • Change out birdbath water weekly
  • Empty children’s toys of any standing water
  • Create small holes at the bottom of any recycling containers

Professional Mosquito Treatment & Control Services


All Star Pest Management offers premier mosquito treatment and control services throughout Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas. We offer both are standard treatment and control services, as well as and “special event” treatments for parties and other special occasions.

Our standard services include outdoor treatment of foliage, vegetation areas, bushes, and trees up to 25 feet in height, buildings, porches, eaves, patios, window screens, and other resting areas to kill adult mosquitoes. Our highly-skilled technicians will not only treat those designated areas, but they will also identify potential breeding areas and provide recommendations for mosquito management. Treatment covers areas up to one-half acre. Service is also available for more extensive lawns and gardens.

Our “special event” services are targeted at controlling mosquitoes for special occasions, such as your next party, outdoor wedding, reception, graduation, bar mitzvah, family reunion, cookout, or other backyard celebration. One of our highly-trained technicians will arrive on your property a week before your event to treat the foliage, vegetation areas, bushes, trees up to 25 feet in height, buildings, porches, eaves, patios, window screens, and other resting areas to kill adult mosquitoes. Additionally, the technician will return to perform a second treatment on the day before or the day of your event.

Start to take control of your outdoor space and enjoy your yard again! Call All Star Pest Management today!

Why Choose All Star Pest Management?

In addition to mosquito management, All Star Pest Management offers pest control services for cockroaches, ants, wasps, bees, cicadas, crickets, fleas and ticks, spiders, bed bugs, rodents, and more. As a top-of-the-line pest control company, you can rest assured that our services will result in the complete eradication of any pest from your premises. We also offer wildlife removal services, termite control services, and other services, including thermal acoustical pest control (TAP) insulation and exclusion work. Our expert team is dedicated to providing the best in mosquito management services throughout Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas. Check out our customer reviews and see what people are saying about us – and contact us today to learn more about our reliable services.

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