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We Can Expertly Remove Snakes from Your Property

Homeowners in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding area are aware of the ever-present threat of snakes – both venomous and non-venomous. With an abundance of food sources throughout the region, they may not live far from your front door. However, when they choose to enter your property or home, rely on the wildlife removal experts at All Star Pest Management to free your property of the slithering serpents. Our team has extensive experience removing all types of pests, including insects, rodents, bats, and more. Among our specialties is snake removal. We understand poisonous snakes can strike fear in the hearts of many, but we have the tools and expertise to remove them from your home safely. Call us today to learn more about preventing a snake infestation, identifying the presence of snakes on your property, and snake removal services in Baltimore.

Snake Removal

What Types of Snakes are Present in Maryland?

Snakes are essential to Maryland’s ecosystem, serving as natural predators of mice, rats, rodents, and various other small animals. They regularly consume tick-carrying mammals, helping to protect local residents from the spread of Lyme disease. As a result of their importance, each snake species in the state is protected by the Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act. But just because they are useful does not mean they belong in your home. Two of Maryland’s snake species are extremely dangerous to humans. Copperhead snakes and timber rattlesnakes each have medically-significant venom. If you notice either of these pit vipers on your property or in your home, call All Star Pest Management right away.

Are All Snakes Harmful?

No. Of Maryland’s 27 snake species and sub-species, 25 do not carry venom. Common water snakes, North American racers, garter snakes, rat snakes, ribbon snakes, and a host of others may be unsettling but will not harm you. Nevertheless, our team of wildlife removal experts can visit your home or office to get them away from your property and ensure that chore does not fall into your hands.

How Can I Prevent Snake Infestations?

Generally, most snakes are averse to being around humans. However, large portions of their diets may draw them close to your property. Because snakes typically feast on small pest animals, your home could serve as an ideal diner for the legless reptile. A good way to prevent snakes from your home is to ensure there is no food source. Follow our instructions regarding rodent control or enlist our services to keep rats and mice away from your home. Without their next meal crawling around your property, snakes will stay away, too. Furthermore, be sure to seal any cracks in your door frames, holes in your walls, and crevices in your foundation. Snakes can sneak through tiny openings to become unwelcome guests.

What are the signs of a snake infestation?

Snakes are excellent hiders. They may live in your home for months without you noticing them. Unlike other pests, they do not damage your property. Many simply coil up and nest between feeding times, out of sight and out of mind. But there are several snake infestation signs of which you should be aware, including:


  • Snake skin – As snakes grow, they shed their skin. If you notice dry, scaly skin near an entryway, there is a high likelihood a snake has made its way into your home.
  • Slither tracks – These are not always obvious but may be noticeable in dusty areas or crawlspaces.
  • Odor – A strange smell in your attic or crawlspace may signify a snake’s presence.
  • Droppings – Snake droppings often look like bird feces but may include bones and hair from their prey.

Why Is It Important to Remove Snakes from My Home?

The most important reason for removing snakes from your home is their danger. Poisonous snakes are prone to attacking you or your pets if they feel threatened, and venomous strikes could be fatal. But it is nearly as important to remove non-venomous snakes from your Baltimore home to prevent them from multiplying and creating unsanitary living conditions.

How Can You Remove Snakes from My Property?

All Star Pest Management’s professionals have undergone thorough training and are equipped with the latest tools and technology to remove snakes from your commercial or residential property in Baltimore County. Our team can help you identify any snakes that have taken up residence at your home before quickly and safely removing them using the industry’s best practices. Following snake removal and a thorough inspection to ensure your home is snake-free, we will help you prevent further infestations by identifying vulnerable entryways and eliminating snakes’ food sources to discourage them from returning.

Call All Star Pest Management for Snake Removal Services

Snakes can be fascinating when you see them in a terrarium or on a nature documentary. They can even be excellent pets. But wild snakes in Maryland have no business in your home or office building. If you suspect or are aware of a snake infestation on your property, let the experts at All Star Pest Management showcase their snake removal prowess. Our team can remove all types of snakes from your Baltimore-area home. Whether you are worried about venomous snakes that could harm your family or water snakes that merely give you an uneasy feeling, we can help. Contact us today for an inspection or consultation.

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