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Pest Control Service Plans

Monthly and Quarterly services are designed for year-round protection and prevention against all general pests. Prevention is one of many important aspects of our strategy, because managing pests through prevention is less expensive than managing a well-established pest. The interior treatment is meant to eliminate or reduce the number of existing pests to an acceptable level. The exterior treatment is for maintenance and prevention purposes.

Monthly and Quarterly Service are both on annual contract terms. Most monthly customer switch to quarterly service once their problem is under control. If a problem is more severe we do offer more frequent service such as weekly or bi-monthly (please call for more information).

If you experience pest control problems between Quarterly visits, just call the office to request a warranty visit. You are allowed warranty visits between each quarterly visit.

General pests covered under a General pest control plan be it quarterly or monthly are as follows:

  • Carpenter Ants
  • Pavement Ants
  • Crickets
  • Earwigs
Some Specialty pests may be added on to your contract for an additional fee:
  • Snakes
  • Carpenter Bees
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Indian meal Moths
  • Mice
Our most common pests are:
We also offer:

Monthly Mosquito Maintenance from April to October every year

Annual Termite Maintenance (Bait Stations and Traditional)

Monthly Mole/Vole service

Get Effective Pest Management for Your Property