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A Comprehensive Guide to Crickets

From Baltimore, MD’s Pest Experts

A cricket’s chirp can be pleasant when heard from afar — but when repeatedly incessantly within your own home, the insects’ chirping can quickly become a nuisance. Though harmless, crickets are prolific breeders and can produce hundreds of offspring each year. For many areas across Maryland, this can mean an overwhelming spike in cricket populations, leading to infestations both indoors and outdoors. Here at All Star Pest Management, we offer comprehensive cricket control services to homes and businesses across Columbia, MD, and the surrounding region. Read on to learn more about crickets, and contact our bug extermination team today!

Brown cricket insect crawling on the ground

What Are Crickets?

Crickets are small insets typically brown or black in color with long hind legs. Some cricket species can fly, while others are flightless. Likewise, many cricket species produce a chirping noise through a process called stridulation (used by male crickets to attract mates), while other species are silent. Most crickets are nocturnal and herbivorous, though some species can be omnivorous when food-deprived. The two most common types of crickets found in Maryland are field crickets and house crickets, both of which are relatively small and light brown in color.

Cricket Infestation Signs and Prevention Tips

Both field crickets and house crickets can lay hundreds of eggs each, producing a massive amount of offspring once hatching begins. To prevent crickets from entering your home, it’s important to turn off outdoor light as early as possible each night. Lights at night attract nocturnal crickets, making them more likely to lay their eggs nearby.

It is also important to make sure gaps, holes, and cracks in your building are properly sealed to prevent crickets from entering from the outside. Several chemical treatments can also be used to keep crickets away from your property.

Comprehensive Cricket Control at All Star Pest Management

In the late summer months, cricket populations can skyrocket to incredibly large numbers across Maryland. If your property is overrun by crickets during this time, it is highly advisable to call a bug extermination team like our professionals at All Star Pest Management. We offer a host of effective and environmentally friendly cricket control treatments to help take care of large cricket populations without harming other life of your property. Contact our bug extermination team today!

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