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Our All Star Team

Abdou “ AL” Elhani

Al has been our General Manager for 20 years. He is also our lead wildlife Biologist. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is grilled Lamb. Some of his specialties are: Rodent Control, Mole/Vole remediation, Termite inspector, Wood destroying Insect inspector. General Pest Inspector, Bed Bug Inspector.

Seddiq Elhani
Seddiq “The Bird Whisperer” Elhani

Seddiq is one of two senior technicians and is also one of our managers and has been with us for 20 years.Seddiq’s favorite color is ____ and his favorite food is____. Some of his specialties include: Wildlife, Termite inspector, Wood Destroying Insect inspector, Mole/Vole remediation, Snake removal, General Pest Control and Rodent Control, Bed Bug Inspector and Treatment applicator.

Ihab Sahal
Ihab “Jack of All Trades” Sahal

Ihab has been with All Star Pest Management for 6 years. His favorite color is Red and his favorite food is anything from Panera Bread. Ihab is also a senior technician and Assistant Manager. Some of his expertise are: Wildlife, General Pest Control, termite Inspector, Snake Removal, Rodent Control, Exclusion Specialist, Mole/Vole Remediation, Bed Bug Inspector and Treatment Applicator, Head of TAP insulation program and installer.

Arsene Wkouayepe
Arsene “Pied Piper of Rodents” Wkouayepe

Arsene has been with All Star for 1 year. Arsene’s favorite color is influenced by his mood that day and his favorite Food is all food. In just the short time Arsene has been with us he has accumulated some pretty serious skills like Rodent Control. Arsene is one of our Rodent and Snake Exclusion Specialists. He is also a General Pest Control technician and TAP installer along with a Bed Bug Treatment applicator.Arsene is our resident multilingual technician.

Ryan Grimes
Ryan “The Snake Charmer” Grimes

Ryan has been with us for 3 years. Ryan loves wrangling snakes for All Star and his favorite color is Green and his favorite food is Pizza. Ryan’s wheelhouse consists of General Pest control, Snake Removal, Rodent Control, Rodent exclusion, Mosquito Remediation and TAP installer.

David Mills
Dave “Gett’er Done” Mills

Dave is our newest addition the family. He has been with us for close to 1 year and comes to us already experienced in pest control. Dave’s favorite color is green and his favorite food is Chicken Wings. Dave’s field of expertise includes rodent Control, Rodent exclusion, bed bug treatment applicator, Mosquito remediation and General Pest Control.

Jarvis Mason
Jarvis “On Time” Mason

Jarvis has been with us for over 1 year and comes to us already experienced General Pest Control, Rodent Control, and is a Termite Treatment Applicator. Jarvis’s favorite color is Teal and his favorite food is Bibimbap.

Monique McDonald
Monique “Mighty Mouse” McDonald

Monique is our awesome lady tech.She has been with All Star for over 2 years. Her favorite color is Gray and her favorite food is Pasta. She also comes to us with a ton of experience including General Pest Control, Rodent Control and Mosquito remediation.

At All Star Pest Management, EVERYONE is family AND WE ARE GLAD YOU ARE APART OF IT!

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