• Controlling Mosquitoes Before a Special Event

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    If you’re planning an outdoor event during the warmer months, you should consider hiring a pest control expert for professional mosquito control near Catonsville . Over-the-counter insect repellants often don’t do much to repel mosquitos, which can transmit illnesses and diseases as they feed on humans and pets. An exterminator can visit your home prior to a special event and use effective insecticides to kill and repel mosquitos.

    Your pest control expert can provide mosquito control services on your property one week prior to a special event. The exterminator will spray insecticide into foliage, vegetation, grass, bushes, and trees. He can also apply insecticide to buildings, porches, eaves, patios, window screens, and other areas. Comprehensive mosquito control also includes extermination of mosquitos and eggs, destruction of breeding areas, and other mosquito prevention techniques.

    After your initial mosquito control service, your pest management expert will return on the day of your special event for final extermination. These pest control services will guarantee that you and your guests remain happy and comfortable throughout your special event.

  • What You Need to Know about Yellow Jackets

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    If you suspect that you have a yellow jacket nest on your property, you should contact a professional pest control company for yellow jacket extermination in Columbia . Yellow jackets are very territorial and aggressive, and anyone who comes near their nest is at risk for an attack. They will sting multiple times, and their stings are incredibly painful—they can even be deadly to someone with a yellow jacket allergy.

    Yellow jackets will commonly build nests in bushes, trees, eaves, rafters, attics, and even inside of the walls or ceilings of homes. If you notice a large number of yellow jackets around your property, it’s likely that there is a yellow jacket nest nearby. You should never attempt to remove or disturb a yellow jacket nest yourself, as the yellow jackets may become extremely aggressive when moved or threatened, and you will be at risk for hundreds of stings.

    A pest control expert has the tools and experience necessary for the safe removal of a yellow jacket nest, and extermination of a yellow jacket infestation. Your pest control expert can also recommend effective insect repellants that will prevent a future stinging insect infestation.

  • How Do Mosquitoes Spread Disease?

    If you have a mosquito infestation on your property, it’s crucial to contact a professional pest management company for mosquito control in Columbia . Insecticides and insect repellants aren’t always completely effective forms of mosquito control, but a pest management professional can help quell a mosquito infestation, and greatly reduce the risk of bites. Mosquito control is so important because mosquitoes can carry and transmit a number of dangerous diseases and pathogens.

    Watch this video to find out how mosquitoes spread disease. Once you have watched the video, you’ll realize why it’s necessary to contact a professional pest control company for mosquito control on your property. Mosquito control can include outdoor applications of high-grade insecticides, the identification and elimination of breeding areas, and advice on insect repellant techniques that will prevent a future mosquito infestation.

  • What You Should Know About Carpenter Bees

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    If you’ve ever noticed a bee buzzing around your house, chances are you’re looking at a carpenter bee. Carpenter bees look very similar to bumblebees, but since they build their nests in wood—most often in trees or wooden beams—humans are much more likely to encounter them. If you are concerned about a possible bee presence on your property, it’s time to contact a pest management service near Columbia . Here are some things you should know about carpenter bees.

    Carpenter bees flourish in the spring. During the cold winter months, carpenter bees stay in their nests. You are most likely to run across a carpenter bee in March or April, when the bees go out in search of mates and begin laying eggs. They are generally only active and visible during the daylight hours.

    Carpenter bees can be found near wood. Carpenter bees dig tunnels in unpainted wood, and this often means that they take up residence in your house or yard. While a single carpenter bee tunnel may seem negligible, the bees will build numerous tunnels over time, which can cause extensive damage to your property. They can tunnel through eaves, shingles, doors, windows, and even furniture, so check all of these if you suspect a bee infestation. Also, check nearby trees and telephone poles for signs of the bees’ tunnels.

    Carpenter bees rarely sting. Unlike some other types of bees, carpenter bees are generally not dangerous to people. Male carpenter bees cannot sting at all, and female carpenter bees will only sting if they feel themselves threatened. However, it’s still best to avoid the bees and avoid provoking them; if you approach their nests, the males will dart at you in a menacing way. If you notice a carpenter bee in your home, you should call a pest control service right away.