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Termite damaged wood

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, has specific regulations regarding termite control and termite inspection in Columbia for HUD-insured properties. Before you begin new construction or buy or sell an existing HUD-insured property, you must submit to HUD a termite inspection report or proof of termite treatment by a licensed pest management company. Here is a closer look at HUD’s reporting requirements for the termite inspection.

When Termite Inspections Are Necessary

HUD deems that a termite inspection is performed by a licensed pest control company if there is any evidence of an active infestation. You are exempt from the requirement of a termite inspection if you see evidence of non-active termite damage in an area that has already been repaired and is structurally sound. You are also exempt from a termite inspection if you simply note damaged or rotting wood, with no signs of a termite infestation.

Termite Reporting for New Construction

HUD requires termite inspection reporting for buildings that are less than a year old or that are currently undergoing construction. A builder must provide a warranty against termite infestation in any new home. HUD will certify that a property meets termite requirements if a licensed pest control company asserts that there is no evidence of a termite infestation after they have performed a thorough termite inspection. If there is evidence of a termite infestation, a licensed termite control technician must address it.

Termite Reporting for Existing Property

For any existing property that is over a year old, an appraiser must indicate whether there is any sign of the existence of termite damage or a termite infestation. A further termite inspection might be necessary at the lender’s discretion, when required by local or state laws, or when there is evidence of decay, termite infestation, or suspicious damage. Licensed pest control or pest management expert must complete the termite inspection. Termite treatment is necessary when a termite inspection reveals the presence of termites.