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Close up of squirrel sitting

Dealing with a Squirrel Infestation

While squirrels might be very cute, a squirrel infestation can be dangerous to your health and safety. You should never attempt wildlife removal yourself, but instead, you should contact an experienced a squirrel animal control company near Ellicott City as soon as possible. Here are some other great tips for dealing with a squirrel infestation in your home.

Determine How the Squirrels Are Entering the Structure

Whether squirrels have invaded your home, your garage, or your storage shed, you must determine their source of entry into the structure. You should look for cracks, holes, gaps, and other openings and quickly repair them. You should also cover up any vents or crawlspace entryways with a screen or sturdy cloth to prevent squirrels from entering. If you have a chimney, install a chimney cap to keep squirrels from entering via the chimney, or becoming stuck inside of it.

Contact a Wildlife Removal Expert

Once you have eliminated the squirrels’ entry and exit points, you should contact an experienced, qualified wildlife removal expert. Your pest control expert will recommend the best methods of squirrel animal control that are available for your particular situation. He may use one-way door cages to trap squirrels. After a squirrel is trapped, your wildlife removal expert must follow the state and local wildlife laws and regulations regarding how to handle the trapped squirrel. He may be required to relocate the squirrel or kill the squirrel.

Prevent Future Infestations

Your wildlife removal expert can give you advice on how to effectively prevent future squirrel infestations. You can modify the environment around the squirrels’ original entry point to make it harder for squirrels to access it. This may include trimming trees, eliminating clutter, and repairing holes and cracks. You can use squirrel repellant to discourage squirrels from entering your yard. You can also install devices meant to frighten squirrels and other pests away, such as faux birds, strobe lights, ultrasonic noisemakers, and radios. These devices are not often effective means of pest control for long, however.