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All Star Pest Management’s Mouse Control Solutions

Mouse infestations can become a significant problem quickly. All Star Pest Management provides effective mouse control solutions for residential and commercial customers in Columbia and Catonsville, MD. We understand finding mice in your home is unsettling, so we’re here to help you with the best mouse control solutions to eliminate the issues.

Identify The Entryway

The first step in getting rid of mice is identifying their entryway into your home. It’s important to remember mice can get into walls, attics, and basements because they fit into the tiniest crevices at ¼ of an inch. Mice love cereal, nuts, fruits, and grains. They need to keep their teeth sharp, so you may find wall insulation damaged or destroyed personal items. They can even bite their way through your food containers. We’ll carefully inspect inside and outside your home to help find their entryways. We’ll check for cracks, crevices, mice droppings, mice fur, chewing points, and brown staining.

Don’t Try To Eliminate Mice Yourself

Many people think they can eliminate their mice problem alone, but it’s a lot easier said than done. Getting rid of mice with traps and poison isn’t alleviating the root of your mice issue. You may find one mouse but have many others living in your home. Traps and poisons provide a short-lived pest control option that will resurface at some point. Trained professionals like All Star Pest Management team members have the knowledge to eliminate mice problems. DIY methods are only a band-aid, while a professional pest control team will alleviate the root of the mice problem.

Mouse Removal Process

All Star Pest Management will assess the mouse problem to determine the best steps to remove the critters. After we remove the mice, we’ll clean and sanitize all infected areas on your property. The main goal of removing mice Is to eliminate the mice problem by finding their entryways. We’ll seal any cracks and crevices with one-way doors to ensure the mice can leave but cannot come back into your home.

How Fast Do Mice Multiply?

It’s essential to eliminate your mouse problem as soon as you identify it. Mice begin reproducing at three weeks old. They produce up to ten litters every year. While some mice only live about 12 to 18 months, a small mouse infestation can grow out of control quickly. If your home offers ample amounts of food scraps, you can soon have a large population living with you.

Keeping Mice Away

We’ll use safe and humane ways to keep mice away from your home. We understand that the urban mouse population is rising as cities grow and push mice out of their natural homes. They love to nest inside your warm attic or walls where it’s challenging to place poisons and traps. The best way to keep mice away from your home is to seal all cracks and crevices, cover food sources inside and outside of your home, and cover trash cans.

Contact Experienced Mice Removal Services

Mice are pesky critters that don’t go away easily. Our pest experts at All Star Pest Management will help you eliminate your mouse issues. Our highly effective and humane rodent identification and trapping solutions are the perfect mouse control solutions. To learn more about our services, contact our team today!