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Pests not wanted in Howard County home

As the days slowly get shorter, fall is in the air throughout the Columbia area. Unfortunately, chilly temperatures and extreme weather during the fall season can drive unwanted pests indoors. To prepare your home for the upcoming season, you will want to set up preventative pest control serving Columbia. Your pest control technician will use safe and proven methods to prevent insects, mice, and wildlife from invading your home. To emphasize the importance of preventative pest control services, here is a look at some tips for keeping pests away from your home during the fall.

Block Entry Points

During the fall season, rats, mice, and other furry creatures will be looking for safe and warm places to nest. Your home’s attic and basement areas provide the ideal environment for rodents and other unwanted wildlife. To keep rodents out during the fall season, you will want to block off any potential entry points throughout your home. Mesh or chicken wire can be used to block vents, chimneys, and other vulnerable openings.

Remove Indoor Moisture

Rodents and insects require moisture in order to live and thrive. As you are pest-proofing your home this fall, you will want to make sure to eliminate any indoor sources of moisture. A damp basement or living space can be dried using fans or a dehumidifier. When you take the time to dry out or dehumidify your home, you may find fewer pests indoors during the fall season.

Clean-Up Food Sources

When you pest-proof your home this fall, you will want to make sure that insects and rodents are unable to locate food sources throughout your household. In the kitchen, you can keep pests away by storing all of your pantry items in sealed containers. Rather than letting your trashcan sit overnight without being emptied, you will want to get in the habit of taking out the trash every day. A clean trashcan will be much less appealing to pests who are seeking easy food sources inside your home.