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Close up of two small house mice
If you believe you have a house mice infestation, you are in need of quick and effective rodent control and extermination in Howard County. House mice can carry and spread disease and destroy structures in your home. A house with a mouse problem is dangerous to your health and safety. A qualified pest management specialist with rodent control experience can permanently eliminate your mouse problem.

House mice have poor vision, but are very good climbers and can also jump incredibly high. This makes it easy for them to find good hiding places in your home to build their nests. They prefer to nest in dark, secluded places and will destroy bedding, upholstery, clothing, and other textiles while gathering materials to build their nests.

As they travel through your house in search of food, shelter, and nest materials, a mouse will leave urine and feces in his wake. Mouse urine and feces contain parasites, bacteria, and diseases that can contribute to serious health problems. To prevent a mouse infestation in your home, you should keep your home free of clutter and get advice from a pest management specialist. Make sure to also repair and seal up areas around your home that provide easy access or entry for mice.