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Why Yellow Jackets Pose A Threat To Your Property

If you have seen a bright yellow and black insect outside, then you have probably located a yellow jacket. These flying pests can be very aggressive, and they are a similar species to wasps. When you see these dangerous insects, call for pest control. They will have the correct methods and insecticides near Columbia to get rid of your problem.

They may attack your family.

Yellow jackets may attack your family, guests, and animals with little to no provocation. Depending on where a nest is located—in a bush, under a porch or deck, or in an attic—even slight vibrations can set off a nest of yellow jackets. If a nest of yellow jackets feels threatened, they may attack anyone nearby. To avoid potential injuries, call for professional pest control services right away.

They can sting multiple times.

Many people may think that bees and yellow jackets are alike. Bees usually die after stinging once, because their stinger falls of their body. However, yellow jackets can keep their stingers well after the first sting. A yellow jacket can and will sting multiple times to the same area. This sting can be extremely painful, especially if someone is allergic. In the case of an emergency, allergy-related or not, call your doctor or an ambulance right away.

They can nest in your wooden features.

These annoying and dangerous pests will often nest in rotted wood, using a variety of plant fibers to make their nest. Once the season for yellow jackets passes, these nests will rot and decompose, further degrading the wood. You may find a nest in or around your house or your property. Often, yellow jackets prefer to stay low to the ground, usually under a porch or in a small bush. Certain species of yellow jackets may also build their nest underground, which can be hard to locate. If you have seen yellow jackets or you suspect you have an infestation, call your pest control services company.