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All Star Pest Management Inc. offers free estimates to homeowners in our service area. We know taking simple, affordable steps now to prevent a pest problem is much less stressful than dealing with an infestation later, so we offer estimates free of charge to allow customers to have their homes checked regularly for pests.

Taking the first step

Calling our team to schedule a free estimate is the first step in avoiding or solving an unpleasant pest problem. Our quotes are free, but repairing advanced termite damage or chewed-up items in storage is certainly not as simple. All of our estimates are obligation-free, so as a responsible homeowner, do yourself and your family a favor by scheduling a visit when it’s convenient for you.

How we create your quote

No two properties are the same, so our quotes are tailored to accommodate your home, the types of pests that pose a threat, and other factors that may affect our work. The most important step of understanding the problem in order to create a quote is a detailed home inspection that identifies one of two things.

First, even if there is no active pest problem, a home inspection will reveal features that could attract certain types of pests, like a food source for animals or exposed wood for termites. Catching this potential risk early can become a simple solution of taking affordable preventive steps to protect your home before you have an infestation on your hands.

Second, if you know there is a problem because you’ve heard or seen traces of mice, bugs, or other pests, a home inspection will pinpoint where they’re hiding—and even more importantly, the reasons and routes they use to get onto your property or inside your home.

When you call us for a free estimate, you can expect us to consider the following in evaluating your home for pest control or prevention measures:

· Building materials used in your home or any structures on your property

· Structural integrity and seals (doors, windows, garages, etc.)

· Size of your home

· Size of your property

· Resident plants and wildlife, including most likely pest threats

· Potential sources of food and shelter

· Identification and location of existing pests based on damage, droppings, etc.

· Any methods you’ve already tried to eliminate pests

Our service area

All Star Pest Management Inc. has their main office headquarters in Catonsville, MD, at 6400 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 270-B, on the second floor of the Westpark Shopping Center. Our team is always ready to hit the road and perform free estimates around town and into Baltimore, Ellicott City, Columbia, Clarksville, and the Baltimore-Washington International/Thurgood Airport neighborhoods. All Star Pest Management Inc. is ready to go to wherever the pest may be, with free estimates, scheduled inspections, and integrated solutions that eliminate the problem once and for all.

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