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Close up of mosquito

If you’re planning an outdoor event during the warmer months, you should consider hiring a pest control expert for professional mosquito control near Catonsville. Over-the-counter insect repellants often don’t do much to repel mosquitos, which can transmit illnesses and diseases as they feed on humans and pets. An exterminator can visit your home prior to a special event and use effective insecticides to kill and repel mosquitos.

Your pest control expert can provide mosquito control services on your property one week prior to a special event. The exterminator will spray insecticide into foliage, vegetation, grass, bushes, and trees. He can also apply insecticide to buildings, porches, eaves, patios, window screens, and other areas. Comprehensive mosquito control also includes extermination of mosquitos and eggs, destruction of breeding areas, and other mosquito prevention techniques.

After your initial mosquito control service, your pest management expert will return on the day of your special event for final extermination. These pest control services will guarantee that you and your guests remain happy and comfortable throughout your special event.